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Welding Supervisor

Mt Vernon, New York
Welding Supervisors plan, manage, and optimize the activities of welding personnel in order to safely produce quality welded products in the most efficient manner possible. Their responsibilities can be divided into three general categories: (1) quality, (2) productivity, and (3) safety.
  • The Welding Supervisor must ensure that welders are trained to create welds according to the applicable Welding Procedure Specification.
  • He must then plan and monitor production to ensure that the welds are being produced according to the variables listed in the WPS and the applicable quality standard.
  • To achieve first-time quality the Welding Supervisor will identify and correct poor fit-up and welding practices that generate excessive rework and scrap.
  • The Welding Supervisor may also verify the quality of the materials used in the manufacture of the welded product.
  • The Welding Supervisor optimizes the variables listed in the Welding Procedure Specification in order to produce the welded work as efficiently as possible.
  • To this end he ensures the timely availability of the required materials, streamlines the sequence of operations, and monitors welder machine settings and performance in order to achieve the highest arc times and deposition rates that can be attained within the limits set by the applicable WPS and quality standard.
  • To further maximize productivity, the Welding Supervisor will identify and correct poor fitting, over welding, and other practices that waste materials and produce excessive rework, scrap, work effort, motion and delay time. Finally, the Welding Supervisor will document the production process and calculate manufacturing costs in order to identify areas that need improvement and accurately estimate the cost of future projects.
  • The Welding Supervisor is responsible for training welders in the proper use of personal protective equipment and the safe operation of welding machines and tools.
  • He also coordinates safety-related functions and personnel, ensures welder adherence to safety protocols, and verifies that all equipment is operating within safe limits.

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